Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Creating a Winner

This is going to be a long post, because I have a lot to say ( people who know me well may say that is not unusual!)

I am very excited. It is September.

This is good because September is my favourite month

of the year, not just because it is my birth month, well maybe a lot because it is my birth month. I remember when I was a little girl, being sad that my birthday always fell within the school term, but being just after the Summer holidays, the weather was invariably good. This, I think is to do with the law of sod that decrees that school holiday weather has to be rubbish, too hot, too cold or rainy and grey and then as soon as you go back to school, the sun comes out! Worked for me! Made up for the misery of sitting through lessons before I could go home for my party and fun and the sheer thrill of it being my birthday.

September is also the beginning of Autumn, which is my favourite season. I love the sun (when it shines in summer) and I love the new spring green of dead trees coming back to life, but, all this, in my mind is pale in comparison to the last glorious burst of brilliant life, the last gasp, going out with a bang of living things before the quiet of winter. Al
ways reminds me how to live my life.

This is not what my post is about though. Lovely though it is to philosophise, I have been struggling with more tangible things.

Back in January I got myself a website. I am ashamed to say it was not my first, I seem to be a little careless with them and lose them, one minute they are holding my hand and behaving nicely, the next I look down and 'poof!' gone! Well, something like that anyway. So, I got a new website, it was free, and it could run e-commerce of sorts. Bonus! I threw myself into it with abandon. Over-coming problem after problem, which for a non-techy person wasn't easy. Many times I felt like throwing my laptop along with my web site fr
om a first floor window ( mainly because it was just too much bother to go looking for a higher window). The final straw came after wrangling with it for months and listing most of my stock, I couldn't find a way to make everything line up and every time I opened the site it all went wonky again.

Then a miracle! A friend from Ethical Marketing Solutions said 'We do a website that will do that for you'. I must admit I ummed and ahhed for a bit. the thought of another 8 months of using some quite exotic swear words and getting nowhere fast didn't appeal to me. He persuaded me and, this is the miracle bit, in two days I had a brand, spanking new, working site that even looked quite pretty. It took me a while to upload my jewellery and I do still have a few bits and bobs to do but it is 8 months ahead of schedule and I truly love it.

So, here it is, my very new, just launched website; , I am immensley proud of it so please forgive me if I gloat a little. I had the option of a coloured background but I preferred the muted colours to go with the banner and contrast with the jewellery. I love the slide show and the scrolling feedback comments, but most of all, I love that adding a new piece is as simple as it can be, that I can add lots of extra pictures and options and.. and.. well,

This is the next bit! To celebrate the launch of my new site, I am having a whole month of launch offers. What I would like very much to do for you is to give you something special. So I am doing two things from today.

1. Any and every item, bought this month will be free shipping. As many items as you want, including items that require Airsure or Special delivery, in the UK or be

2. I am offering a 'Giveaway'. If you go to my website and have a look at all the lovely things there, I would like you to chose one thing you like. Let me know what it is, either by contacting me through the contact form on my website, or by commenting here, on this blog. I will put your name into a hat and draw out a winner who will receive a 'Mountains' pendant. If I get more than 100 entries I will have two winners, more than 200 entries, three winners and so on... better odds than winning the Lottery for sure. You can enter once on the website and once through this blog, and you can also be entered by 'liking' my facebook page. 3 ways to win, 1 in 100 chances of being a winner. Not bad eh?

Keep an eye on Facebook over the month too, I will be running short 24 hour offers throughout the month of September. You just have to love September!