Friday, 10 December 2010

Can I do something new?

I have been metalsmithing for over a year now, I feel so lucky because of the space I have at home I can create outside of class hours and I belong to an amazing team of metalsmiths through the online selling venue Etsy from whom I have learned a whole plethora of useful tips and new techniques.

All of these things have helped me to move on in leaps and bounds, I am very proud of the work I am produsing now and I am always keen to try new techniques but somehow, the more I learn, the harder it is to make myself try another new technique. It may be that I see all the wonderful things made by my 'teamies' and worry about my skills measuring up, sometimes it is a lack of the right tools or materials.

The technique I really want to learn next is making hinges. I have seen them used so beautifull in jewellery and with all the two piece pendants I have been making, I am sure it is something that will come in very handy. It is a technique I have thought about doing for a long time and one of the ones where seeing it used beautifully elsewhere makes me a little hesitant to try unless I make a mess of it. I also need to get some supplies in. I have never had much silver tube in stock and for hinges I really need to get some quite small tubes in some different sizes to fit the different size pieces I want to make. The other thing which holds me back a little is that I have seen a lot of two piece pendants made with hinges. What I do has to be different from those, in a way I am sure it will be, I see my style showing through, not all the time but with my one of a kind pieces for sure, and hopefully this will be the case when I use hinges too. I am sure I can come up with loads of excuses, give me enough time and I am equally sure I will actually talk myself out of doing it for a while longer, but with luck, a fair wind and some good sales this weekend at the craft fair I am willing to bite the bullet come January.

I can only say watch this space.. let's see if my first hinged piece makes the grade... what do you think?
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  1. You and me both Claire! We can help each other. :)

  2. Oh yes, could definitely do with some moral support :)

  3. Hinges scare me too. They look like they take precision that I can't accomplish yet. Someday, when I'm all grown up as a metalsmith, I'll take a class from you on hinges!

  4. Hope the show went well and you will be posting some pics of your hinges soon!

  5. OMG, I love your pietersite necklace! Can't wait to see your hinges. It looks difficult, but you can do it! I can't offer advice or guidance, but I can be your cheerleader. Goooooo team!

    Proud member of Aspiring Metalsmiths