Monday, 17 January 2011

Coral and Keeping Up

Well, it certainly hasn't been a quiet start to the new year! I began by stumbling on an offer of a new website that was just too good to turn down despite the time it sucks away from creating. I am sooo close to being able to unveil it that I can taste it, but I want to make sure it is just right and these things should not be rushed. I am slowly adding piece by piece of my jewellery to it, when it opens new pieces will be added daily until the whole intinerary is up there. Won't be long now!

I have also signed up the Thing-a-Week (THAW). On Etsy I am very happy to be a member of the Aspiring Metasmiths Team. I try to take part in the monthly challenges set but have definitely been slacking of late, so to try and remedy this I have signed up to THAW. This means I have to create something new every week of the year. This is quite a big ask. I do tend to be busy on custom items and made to order jewellery a lot of the time but I have also been quite a bad girl on the stone front and have quite a collection that need something doing to them. Hopefully THAW will help to reduce that stone pile just a little. First to be used was a gorgeous fossil coral cabochon. I have been thinking about it for ages but it takes me a while to get going and panicking over the THAW deadline last week was just what I needed. What came about is a pendant with an open back to show off as much of this gorgeous stone as possible and a lovely caramelly carnelian to complement the autumnal shades (even though it is nearly spring).

Next week I am working on an ammonite that has been whispering to me for far too long. Wish me luck!


  1. Love the pendant, and the stone is absolutely gorgeous! x

  2. Thank you. I wish I could buy doubles of all the stones, one to keep and one to set. This one looks like it should be transluscent, it almost glows and is completely opaque.