Thursday, 27 October 2011

Clever Boxing

Wow, that time again? Some how the monthly Aspiring Metalsmiths Blog roll comes around so quickly! I am a little late this month but so happy to share with you how I package my jewellery. It has taken me a little while to get to this point though. When I first started selling my jewellery I used some prettly little corrugated boxes from a generic store, but pretty soon I felt that was not enough and had to look around for a better idea. I love branded packaging and although it is slightly more expensive that was the direction I knew I wanted to take.

It started off with me finding out about The Tiny Box Company from the BBC TV show Dragon's Den. They specialise in recycled boxes and although I am aware I am not as eco friendly as I would ultimately like to be, this was too good an option to miss. I bought different styles of boxes from them until I found one I really liked and then I had to get my logo together. I wanted to keep with the Brigtstar109 theme so I concentrated on the part with the star and got my logo together. It wasn't any hassle to get it all set up and put in my first order and as you can see from the photos they look spectacular!

I always finish my boxes off with ribbons and now also offer an as yet unbranded pillow box for smaller items of jewellery which still offer good protection when being shipped long distances but are lighter and more versatile. Now that I have a copy of Photoshop I will re do my logo and get some lovely Moo stickers for the pillow boxes so that they can be branded to and of course I will share the pictures with you :)

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  1. Claire - Your packaging is so elegant! I absolutely love it! Really well done. :)

  2. That is some first class packaging...:) I love it! The matte black is just so sophisticated. I also really like your interpretation of your name. It's very graphic and instantly recognizable!

  3. Thank you very much. You know it was a shop that wanted to take my jewellery on consignment that first got me moving really, I had thought about it for a long time but knowing that they wanted branded packaging and that with all their experience they knew it was the best way to sell jewellery I had to stop thinking and start doing :)

  4. Wow, love the branding. It definitely pops out at you and the ribbon is just the right touch. I love the black and it looks really professional.